The Year in Review-My favorite reads of 2014

Hapyy New Year !!It is New Years Day 2015. Rather than bore you with my stats from last year that the helper monkeys at Word Press produced, I thought I would suggest a little reading to do while you are all cozied up in your New Year’s Day beds.

These are the words that moved and inspired me this year in no particular order:

What happens when one of your co-workers dies? Rotten in Denmark takes us on the evolution that occurs at his office when a co-worker dies unexpectedly. What occurred in my work place was very similar when my friend Steven died. We humans are a crazy bunch when coming to grips with death.

I didn’t go to jail yesterday and other notes-This was the last post from Rarasaur before she was put in jail. I am always amazed at her lightness of being even in her darkest hours.   Has Rarasaur written more eloquent posts? Of course, but this one was so raw about why she had chosen to give up her legal battle.

Becky Says Things…about commuting– Becky says a lot of things. And most of the time she says stuff that is hilarious. This one made me spit out my morning coffee. I love Becky’s mixture of stick men and prose.

Getting Cross-Cultural Teamwork Right- Thanks to Southeast Schnitzel I found this post by Tsedal Neely in the Harvard Business Review. Neely has some great insight on working in multicultural settings. With so many cultural dynamics at play in my classroom, there are some great strategies here to help me and my students learn better together.

Walking on Water Again-When Avoiding Neverland posted about how she didn’t get that job in a classroom, I felt like I was reliving my past. I remember when I was told I wouldn’t be returning to the classroom at Wenatchee High School. I had given my all to the school for almost 3 years, and they decided to hire a Football coach instead.

Young Americans Abroad– Expatlingo is one of my favorite expat bloggers. In this post, Jen struggles to put into words what it means to raise children away from the US. What is home? What is the center of our universe? I particularly identify with the line “..their America is perpetually summertime, ice cream and days at the zoo.”

The World Cup makes children of Men– I think this post by Dave Hannigan’s was one of the best posts inspired by the World Cup mania of 2014. The blend of past and present, nostalgia and reality, is beautifully grafted together here.

Scream and shout til we work it out– A special thanks goes out to Mountain Lion and his wife Georgie for putting a human face on the tragedy of the Ebola epidemic. This post details what is happening to the survivors Ebola. These people have lost everything but their lives, yet theirs is a story of hope.

I’m Banning Banter! And last, but not least, this little blog post that took Great Britain by storm. My friend Mike Stuchbery made a simple observation and made a simply pledge to ban banter in his classroom. Then all hell broke loose.  Best of luck Mike on your new classroom assignment and keep banning banter!

I read a lot this year, but these are the posts that stuck with me long after I read them. Some made me laugh, some made me cry, and some inspired me. I hope some of these writings will have the same effect on you.

Thanks for sharing the past year with me. I can’t believe that my blog has been visited over 22,000 times last year. I appreciate your readership, your thoughtful comments, and the inspiration you have given me.

Enjoy the New Year, may it be the best year yet. And happy reading!



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