Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Afternoon


A winter path

It has been awhile since we have seen proper snow near our house in Germany.  Last year we only received a light dusting, a tease of snow.

The warm mild weather made the year unpunctuated by the pause that comes with winter.  No quiet days of walking in the silent snowy woods.  No pink glow over the town as the sun sets over the snow-scape.  No near death experiences on the packed sledding hill near the Kleingartens.

The packed sledding hill.

The sledding hill.

Yesterday, in an effort to make the most of our snowfall, I took a walk in my woods.  They weren’t as quiet and lonely as Frost’s woods.  I didn’t have my horse to disagree with when I paused to stop and enjoy the beauty around me.  And I was not the only one out pausing to enjoy the forest filled with snow.

The snow and late afternoon glow of winter sun enchanted the forest.  I’m sure that there were Fairies and Zwerge prancing about just out of my line of vision.

 What do you enjoy doing when it snows? 

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  1. About a decade ago I moved to a part of the world where it rarely snows; when snow comes, it never stays for long. So I enjoy the snow in early morning hours when the world is asleep (since everything has shut down) and the sun is just about to rise. With a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in hand . . wunderbar.

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