The Commencement Speech

Graduation Day: I have been to many of these celebrations.  Some were exhilarating, some sweltering hot, some were so painful I have blotted them from my memory.  They are all bittersweet.  The kids have worked so hard to get there.  You are proud of their achievements and at the same […]

The Dreaded Parent-Teacher Conference

I hate parent-teacher conferences.  Well not the conferences themselves, but the build up.  At the end of a long day of meetings with my students’ parents I always feel uplifted, empowered, and hopeful.  But the week before conferences…..I feel Iike I am awaiting the apocalypse. Why is it always like […]

In Transit

A recent blog post From the Bookshelf of Emily J. called Writing While Wet got me thinking.  Where do I find my inspiration?  No, I don’t mean the things that […]