Some days just kick you in the teeth


Some days just kick you in the teeth.

Why is that?

It is a full moon and the natives are restless.  They were climbing all over the furniture, eating in the halls, and running down the corridors.

Then there was a fire drill.  Ugh

My planning periods were more like sit and spin.  I made copious lists of things to do but accomplished very little.   Except I did manage to see that I am about to get slammed with GRADE-A-GEDON 2016.  You know, that moment when a teacher realizes grades are due in less than a week and she has 4 assessments coming in the next two days.

There was this meeting, yeah…that didn’t go so well.

I rushed to pick up my child from her after school activity because of said meeting.  I tried to be happy mommy and leave the worries of the day behind.

At home the child crashed and burned when she couldn’t find her sacred journal with the cat on the front that had this special story in it she wrote about a dragon. “Mama, where is it! The kitty booklet is ALWAYS on my desk?!!!!”  She scoured the house, but no journal.  All was lost and she needed comforting.

My husband made 3 dinners, instead of one, to ensure that we would all be happy with our choices.

After dinner, I tried to repay my husband for the job well done by helping with the dishes. As I was putting away a bowl, a glass container fell out of a cabinet onto my head. It crashed onto the counter and shattered into tiny microscopic bits.  Clean up ensued.

As you do, I sat down to watch the news.  I tried to concentrate: refugees, PEGIDA, BASF fire.

At this point, what was I supposed to do? Where is the Staples “Easy” button?  Where can I buy Calgon so it can take me away?

My mind replayed my work day, over and over and over and over, before I fell asleep.

I kept coming back to the fact that when my classroom was full of kids, all was right with the world.  In spite of the cosmic storms swirling around the planet, the students were engaged, having fun, and digging in to the work, concepts, and ideas I was sharing with them.

Maybe it was because of the Super Moon. Maybe it was because mid-term grades are looming. Maybe it was because it was Monday.

Or maybe it wasn’t such a bad day after all.

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  1. Well it sounds like both had cupboard issues. I was putting away a platter came down on my head. Nice lump no shattering however ensued. Glad the kids are engaged!

  2. Our grades were due yesterday, and thanks to the DDOS attack on Dyne (which took down Twitter, among other things), just entering grades took 3 hours longer than it should have.

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