To the Pregnant Woman on the Beach:


I was watching you today and you were watching me. I saw how you were reaching the “uncomfortable” stage. I saw how your husband lovingly  walked you over the rocks and into the water. I saw how you gazed at the toddler splashing about and how you smiled when my daughter screamed as she got hit with an unexpected wave.

I know what you are thinking. I remember how it felt to be you. You are just a few months away from your whole world changing.

You are hot, haven’t slept for more than an hour at a time in days,  and really need to pee. You are nervous, scared, and excited for what life is about to bring you.

And you are wondering, as your toes swish around in the sand, what will my life be like when the baby comes? Will I play with my child at this beach? Next summer? Summers from now?

You see the little girl eating sand and the daddy not noticing. You spy the teenage boy lose control of his new Golden Retriever puppy and hear his mother shriek as she is trampled by the dog’s gritty wet paws. You observe the tween signing with her mother asking her permission to go in the water. You choke back your laughter when the drunk boy asks you if you have an extra garbage bag he can use to pack out his rubbish.

All of your hopes and all of your dreams, waves of fear and apprehension, waves of joy and excited anticipation, ebb and flow as you try to enjoy the beauty of where you are right now.

A wise man once said, Be Here Now. Be Here, NOW! Stop worrying. Stop building the life that is to come before you even get there. Just be. Enjoy this moment.


Enjoy the knowing that all will be well. It will be. You will have many moments of joy and grittiness as you journey forward down the path of parenthood. So don’t miss this moment right now.

Dig your toes into the wet, cool sand. Listen to the quiet lapping of the waves on the pebbles. Hear the terns singing and diving. Blot out the scariness of the world: Nice, the election, military coups. Take a good long breath letting that salty air get deep into your lungs. Enjoy this moment right now as two and the many moments to come…as three.


2 replies

  1. That’s really beautiful.
    I’m slowly becoming braver in saying this: I want to adopt a child, and in the next few years. This has been something I’ve known I’ve wanted for a long time but there’s such stigma and so many questions that I don’t say it out loud.
    Recently I’ve found myself like the pregnant lady – looking around at the children running around, at mums asking their little ones questions, wondering if I can encourage a child to be inquisitive and curious. My heart aches with longing to be a mum, but I have a lot of steps to go before I can adopt.
    I know I should stop and enjoy the now, but I’m very excited for the next steps too.

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