The Writing Process

take a walk-1Last week my blogger friend Charlotte Steggz asked me to post about my blog writing process, I agreed. I’m not typically one to join in the bloggy chain games, but this topic is close to my teacher heart.  I preach about THE writing process to my students all the time, but I rarely share with them about MY writing process.

What am I currently working on?

Today, I’m working on this. Unlike other bloggers, I don’t have numerous posts waiting to be posted. And I don’t usually do long range research for posts either.  Who has time for that?

Along with that, I don’t have a blogging schedule.  I endeavor to post once a week.  Typically this happens on a Monday or Tuesday.

How does my work differ from others of its type/genre?

I do have trouble defining my blog.  Is it an Expat blog?  A Teacher blog?  A Travel blog?  My subject varies, but I think the subject I write mostly about is me: me as a teacher of History and English, me as an expat, me trying to make sense of the present by exploring the past.

Why do I write what I do?

I originally started my blog thinking it would be a scrapbook of sorts. I thought I would post inspirational videos, articles, and lessons that worked for me or I wanted to try. But by my third post, the blog had become something different.

I realized I had something to say about the power of words and language. I had something to say about living away from my home country. I had something to say about how History seems to repeat itself in ever new versions of the same old story.

I found that by making parallels with history, I could better understand my world today. I found that by reflecting on my lessons taught, I could better understand my next steps in a unit of study. I found that the more I wrote, the more I really liked to write.

How does your writing process work?

Usually, I am inspired by something that happened that day. I sit down and start writing.


I am inspired to write about an issue in the news. I go for a walk or run and start writing in my head.   For 30 minutes, as my feet pound the trail, I mull over the ideas, my key points, and figure out my examples. I kick off my shoes at the door then sit at the computer and write.


I had an amazing class period. Maybe everything went right or maybe everything went wrong. Either situation might inspire me to sit and write.

After the ideas for my post are all written down, I walk away.  I let the post sit for an hour, a day, or maybe even a week.  Then I come back to it with fresh eyes and an open mind. I edit, edit, and edit some more. And if I am writing on a topic that is a bit more controversial, I will have a few friends read the post through and give me feedback before I hit publish.

So who is next? Who else wants to share their writing process?  Feel free to link to your blog in the comments to your post on your writing process.

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6 replies

  1. My process is basically the same as yours. I tried to have a few posts “in the can” so that I could just post them easily during one of my longer uninspired stretches, but I never get around to it. You’re so right! Who has time for that?!

  2. It’s amazing how people living in two different countries on two different continents – yet still connect (tentatively) by profession can be inspired by the same things!

  3. I also think about writing topics during my runs. Speaking of which, I am very glad my two young ones will both be in school tomorrow for the first time since June. I am ready for a nice, long run followed by a big cup of coffee and a long stroll around my new town. How has your school years kicked off? Happy to be back at it?

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