Expat Blog Contest 2013

Pick me!  Pick me!

One of my goals this school year is to broaden the readership of my blog and to stick my neck out there to get published.  So far so good.  I have been approached by a few online magazines and hope to be on their front pages soon.  When Expats Blog sent out an invitation to join the fun for their TOP writing contest, I figured I’d jump at the chance to win prizes and readers.

This year’s writing theme is Top Lists….you know Top 10 places to eat on a budget around town, Top 10 Biergartens, Top hikes in my town….you get the idea.  I did a Top 8 of Wacky German Customs.  Some will be familiar to you, others might surprise you.  Why only 8?  Because 9 and 10 would have been stretching it for the sake of 10.

Now in order for me to win, I need your help.  You must read the post at Expats Blog and then comment. Whichever country gets the most comments wins the prize.  Then the prize will be shared amongst the top 3 comment receivers within that country. Go Team Deutschland!

And you can’t just comment with “Nice one!”  They are requiring that you comment with at least 10 words or it doesn’t count as a vote.  Feel free to write more words, but no less than 10 words.  Also you will need to enter your email for verification that you are a real person. Then you will have to check your email and follow the instructions to verify you are a real person or your comment will not be posted.

I hope you can spare a few minutes to share the love and the comments!  Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes Neues Jahr!

Click HERE to read my post on Expat Blog.

Expat Blog Awards 2013 Contest Entry

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