Rise Up America!

Shut Down Government

Shut Down Government (Photo credit: KAZVorpal)

I forgot to shut my phone off last night.  I usually keep it on vibrate and put it in my book bag.  At 4 in the morning it started to chime.  The New York Times was notifying me of the impending shut down in Washington.

I wonder, if I lived in the states, would I have a better grasp of what just went down?  Would I think the Republicans were acting reasonably?  Would I think this was all Obama’s fault; that once again he was ineffective as the nation’s leader?  Or would I think just as I do now?  These people are all off their f*&%ing rockers crazy!

The US economy is teetering on the abyss.  Things are fine, then not fine, then fine.  We were all worried about the fiscal cliff…America survived.    We were all worried about the debt ceiling….America survived.  We were all worried about the down-grade in our credit rating…America survived.  But as America survived each impending fiscal disaster it seemed as though the divide in American politics grew wider and wider and wider.  The American Government today seems more like France and Germany in World War I.  Each side is dug in, lobbing shells at the other, and when someone tries to run over the top, they are shot down.

When John Boehner says “It’s not about me, it’s not about Republicans, it’s about fairness to the American people.”  I wonder….How is this fair? Denying funding to a health care plan?  How is that fair for the millions who need affordable health care?  How is that fair that they are denying 800,000 people a paycheck who have already had heavy cuts in their paychecks due to the furloughs early this year?  How is it fair that Congress just shut down government yet they are still getting paid?

Here is what I would like to see.  I would like to see the American people march on Washington.  Not to protest the President.  Not to protest Republicans or Democrats, but to protest a government system which houses a group of people who can no longer work together to make a better America.  America needs to march to show their faces.  I want people to fill the streets and rise up and say “We are the American people! We want your bickering to stop!”  And don’t leave Washington until the government starts to take real action for the real Americans…not just those Americans they say they are trying to help.

Last time I checked I am an American, my family and friends are American, and none of them wanted a government shut down.  And regardless of which side of the fence they sit on, they all feel the incredible hit that health care takes from their paychecks each month.    All want to be able to receive health care for a fair cost and know that if they get sick, they won’t lose their house.  All want clean, renewable energy sources and all want their small savings to grow instead of dwindle.

Unfortunately,  I’m not the American Congress is trying to help.  They are helping the America that pays for their re-election campaigns.  So Rise Up America!  Protest a government who is more interested in helping Big Pharma make a profit than helping you have reasonable and affordable Health Care coverage.  Rise Up America! Protest the government that is more interested in helping Big Oil destroy our planet than creating clean energy and transportation systems.  Rise Up America!  Protest a government that is more interested in helping Big Banks hand out Christmas bonuses to its VP’s than helping you invest in your own savings plan.

We The People…WE are the American people….remember?


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