A Weekend of Crazy Wonderful German Culture

Saturday was a day filled with typical German Culture.   Let me share with you what this means.

In the fall we have fests…well we have fests all the time.  Instead of a typical home show, the handwerkers, this weekend, take to the streets to show off their wares.  The plumbing companies draw you into their booths with shiny sinks and tubs, sometimes they even make you plunge for prizes.  The roofer shows off his wonderful assortment of glazed terracotta tiles for your home or garden hutte.  The toy store has nothing new to show so they grill the würst in front of their shop.  Then there are all of those displays of tractors and farming equipment.  Apple wein tastings can also be found amongst the corrals of calves and geese.

In the afternoon we had a slow lunch with friends.  How does a six-year-old deal with a slow lunch? Well, in Germany, the restauranteur likes kids. She was first introduced to the restaurant dogs.  They would freely wander the room hoping for someone to drop a delicious tid bit.  Then she was entertained by the owner and his funny antics.  Later she walked outside to enjoy the fest with her friend.  As children do, she came back with candy.

wombat2When lunch was over we walked a bit.  As we strolled and talked we passed many election posters.  Election season is short and sweet and bearable here.  Two months of campaigning, posters are everywhere, and then its over.  Poor Frau Merkle, though.  She just can’t seem to smile without looking awkward.  Our favorite ads are for the Piratenpartei:  quirky, weird, awesome, and sometimes shocking.  They will never win, so they do their best to say what they think.

Then it was time to do a little Saturday shopping.  Everything is closed on Sunday, so you have to make sure you have enough food and beer to make it until Monday.  Some Germans will even refuse to shop on Saturday.  They want a whole weekend free of buying things and dealing with crowds.  But I sort of enjoy the panicked frenzy that Saturday grocery shopping brings.  The car park is full and the lines are long.  How about a Bretzel while you wait?

Before bed, we sunk into our couch and watched a German variety show.  Well maybe we should clarify…Austrian variety show.  Everyone was tracht-ed out in dirndls and lederhosen.  The two hours were packed full of accordions and over-the-hill Schlager singers.  There were cross-dressing comedians, local bands, and Schuhplattler dancers. Andy Borg and his guests on Musikantanstadl were both amazing and terrifying.  The show, as it progressed, just got weirder and more kitschy.  And we couldn’t stop watching it.

So how will we finish out our weekend?  Back to the fest for more beer and würst.  And if we can find a rockin’ accordion player, we will be in heaven!

Check out Musikantanstadl yourself.  Here is a 9 minute greatest hits from a show they did this summer.

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  1. I’m looking forward to hearing about life in Germany today. I’m a new follower since stumbling upon your post on Le Clown. I have a main blog and then a secondary blog where I’m documenting my mother’s first-hand knowledge of life in Germany during WWII and the 10 years that followed before they came to America. They lived lived in Berlin in the American sector. So I am fascinated with the German culture as it is today.

  2. Sounds like fun! I feel like there are way more fests in the south, although I think Hamburg tries hard to have a bunch here, too. This weekend there was an art festival, and my husband and I walked in and out of various art galleries yesterday for free as part of that. Art pieces were even hanging around in cafés and restaurants. It was a really laid-back atmosphere and very fun! (Just not so much drinking and partying!)

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