When it’s Biergarten Wetter, to the Biergarten One Must Go!

If you drink too much, just use the Kinderwagon to get back to the U-bahn.

If you drink too much, just use the Kinderwagon to get back to the U-bahn.

One of the things we enjoy most about Germany are their Biergärten.  It is what we really miss when we are in the states.  And contrary to what you might think, it is not because of the beer, well…sort of about the beer.

A German Biergarten is part dining establishment, part park, part playground, part night club, part backyard hang out.  You can order a variety of foods:  Wurst, Big salads, Rotisserie Chicken, French Fries, Flammkuchen, Cheese and Meat plates, etc.  You can get a variety of drinks, but really, why would you get anything but beer.  It’s actually cheaper than the water.  My child can roam free about the tables, play on the playground, run around in the open field, all under my watchful eye.  You can listen to live music, enjoy the long slow Sunday afternoon, converse with friends about everything until the sun goes down.

Here is a rundown of our favorite Biergärten in Stuttgart.  We will miss them when we move to Oberursel.  But hopefully we will find our new places to spend our free time with friends and family just as wonderful.

Sit and relax of go down the slide at Schlossgarten Biergarten

Sit back and relax or go down the slide at Schlossgarten Biergarten.

Biergarten Schlossgarten:

This was our first home away from home.  The hotel was excruciatingly hot when we first arrived in Germany 4 years ago this August.  Our only relief was to go to the Schlossgarten lay out our blanket, sit under the giant chestnuts and enjoy a slow afternoon of bier and pommes.  We could lounge in the shade, kick a ball around, or play with our daughter on the playground.  Unfortunately the horrors of Stuttgart 21 have overshadowed this lovely spot.  There are less trees, sounds of construction, and unsightly blue pipes everywhere.

Grosse Pommes, Grosse Salat, Grosse Pils, makes my ass Grosse.

Grosse Pommes, Grosse Salat, Grosse Pils, makes my ass Grosse.

Neckar Biergarten:

A few months later, after an exciting afternoon at Wilhelma, we ventured across Rosensteinbrüke to a nice little spot along the Neckar.  Here we get the gigantic Bauernsalat.  It is a mixed salad of all kinds of goodness topped off with a giant piece of Bauernbrot.  For the kleine, pommes is always the staple.

Grove of chestnut trees at Wirthaus Garbe. (picture care of Wirthaus Garbe website)

Grove of chestnut trees at Wirthaus Garbe. (picture care of Wirthaus Garbe website)

Wirthaus Garbe:

A little closer to home is a lovely spot across from the Botanical Gardens of Universität Hohenheim.  They have a cozy restaurant in the winter and a cool breezy garden out back when the weather is right.  Under a grove of Chestnut trees you can sip a cold beer or order a beautiful steak.  They have an outdoor kitchen in the summer which turns out the largest and most delicious Flammkuchen in the region.  The waitstaff are always pleasant even when they are overwhelmed with Eurocup or World Cup public viewing.  Watch out in October though.  You might need to wear a hard-hat so as to not get a concussion from the dropping nuts.

Teehaus reflected

Teehaus reflected (Photo credit: Nataraj Metz)


For a more elegant evening in the outdoors we like the Teehaus.  It is set high on the hill overlooking the valley of Stuttgart.  They serve the typical Swabian fare but they also dabble in things a bit more refined.  You feel as though you have been invited to a quiet evening at the palace garden, but without the royals to spoil your fun.

At Schwabengarten you can even ride a cow!

At Schwabengarten you can even ride a cow!


They claim they are THE biergarten of the region.  And they do their best to keep you coming back.  We love this place, not because of its picturesque views or amazing food.  There is just something about this place that makes it the first place on the list for a Sunday afternoon.  It is sandwiched between the U-bahn and S-bahn lines in Lienfelden making it easy to get to if you don’t drive.  To get there we can also take a nice 8 km bike ride through the farm fields.   It is completely enclosed so it keeps the kids in and the cars out.  The playground is large and friendly.  The chicken wings, delicious and greasy.  Because of its family focus, you never have to worry about your child being too loud or too crazy.  And the live music and special events are always a nice added plus.

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